super yodel time

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Finally. I’m home.

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www.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).com

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「ろくとマコ」/「きょうか」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail

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i went to sea world with randomjunk98 today

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Baby’s first words :)


baby: y…y..
mom: yeah?
baby: Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very
strange machine
It was designed to view a world unseen
(he’s gonna catch em all cuz he’s danny phantom )
When it didnt quite work his
folks they just quit then Danny took a look inside of it
there was a great big flash
every thing just changed
his molecules got all rearranged
(phantom phantom)

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now nitori knows why rin has anger issues

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I love the idea of Homura and Sayaka. Not in a romantic way (whoops they hate each other) but like as intense rivals. (poor Sayaka would probably get her ass kicked though)

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nerd cat gets pwned hardcore

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I think my favourite doll reveal (so far) has been Haunted Twyla! The whole line is fantastic though, I can’t wait for better pictures. My version probably isn’t completely accurate since the only photo we have is pretty small so I had to guess some stuff.

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person : why do you draw everything facing left in 3/4 view

me : im a right handed mediocre artist 

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My neighbor’s puppy found a hole in the fence, so he popped by to say hello yesterday

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Pink sand on Ellafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece. Pink sand is formed of tiny red organisms that grow on dead coral reefs and pieces of shells which fall to the ocean floor and are washed onto shore.

Photo credit: Jan-Erik Larsson

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